The cover is wrapped with cloth dyed in (cow’s) blood. The endpapers are a very bright red with an unfixed pigment that will leave traces on the reader’s fingertips when touched. The text paper, of a very light-weight, translucent Japanese paper, would eventually be marred with red fingerprints, more and more each time the volumes are read, mirroring the exponential nature of this violence. The paper itself is very thin and translucent, and further carries the theme of bleeding: the type bleeds through from one page to the next, as incidents bleed into other incidents.


Specifications: Hiromi Asuka paper, hand bound and sewn. Trim size: 8.25 x 11 x 5 inches. 13.5 lbs. Blood (cow) and mixed media painted on cloth on board, waxed fixed. Handmade endpapers by Dobbin Mills, unfixed synthetic pigment. Hand-tied silk head and tail bands.